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    • 摩登家庭每集经典语录
        1.1我们来自不同的世界,但我们彼此相容 ,爱将我们紧紧相连,共度风风雨雨.我到你的前面,只有一事相许,我的心只属于你。we're from different worlds, yet we somehow fit together. Love is what binds us, through fair or stormy weather. I stand before you now with only one agenda:"to let you know my heart is yours.
        1.2那么,成为好父亲的秘诀是什么,有时候事情会如你所愿,有时候则事与愿违,但你要坚持,因为当一切尘埃落地,一个好父亲的大部分特征就会自然出现。Okay, the key to being a good dad? Sometimes things work out just the way you want. Sometimes they don't. You gotta hang in there. Because when all is said and done,90% of being a dad is just showin'up.
        1.3不觉得好像伸出手臂就能拥抱全世界吗?Doesn’t it feel like these arms could go around the world?
        1.4你们都极力想护住些美好的东西.You’re reaching out, trying to hold on to something awesome.
        1.6 我是故意输掉让他开心点的吗?也许吧。但在今天,他需要这一场胜利.我们常常为了深爱的人做些稀奇古怪的事,我们对他们撒谎,我们为他们撒谎。或许生活中难免坎坷颠簸,但我们总希望他们过得尽善尽美。就像是肩负着最沉重的负担,但却是世上最甜蜜负担。Did I lose the race to make him feel better? Maybe. But it just seemed like he could use a win today. We do strange things for the people we love. We lie to them, we lie for them. There may be some bumps along the way, but we never stop waiting the best for them. That’s what makes it such a tough job. Kind of the best job in the world.
        1.7我们教育孩子们说,输赢无所谓。但平心而论,胜利的感觉好极了。他们在阳光下的那一刻是无与伦比的美丽。也许每位家长都希望孩子能有这样的时刻,甚至希望自己也能这样。有时我们太苛求结果,结果导致许多怨恨和愧疚,怎么才不算过分呢,我的想法是:愧疚总会过,奖牌才是硬道理。We tell our kids it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. But let’s be honest, winning feels pretty great. There’s nothing like that golden moment in the sun. I think every parent probably wants that for their child, and maybe a little bit for ourselves too. Sometimes we push too hard, and that leads to a lot of resentment and guilt. So, how much is too much? Here’s where I come out: Guilt fades. Hardware is forever.
        1.9如果你在派对举办之前问我是否希望发生一系列灾难的连锁反应,导致Luke摔伤了胳膊,我很可能会说不。但是,不管怎么样,Luke在他生日这天是众人关心的焦点,而且全家人都聚在一起,那正是家庭生日会该有的样子。If you’d asked me before the party if I wanted there to be a chain reaction of disasters that led to Luke breaking his arm, I probably would’ve said no. But, one way or another, Luke was the center of attention on his birthday and the whole family was together just the way it should be.
        1.10每年的这个时候,我们就会经常谈论传统,尽管我们深爱着自己的传统,但有时候我们最美好的回忆,却来自最颠覆传统的时刻。We talk a lot about tradition this time of year. But as much as we love our traditions, Sometimes our best memories come from the times that are the most untraditional.
        1.11如果要我有点大人样,是让我像世上正常的大人那样,还是像家里的这些大人。如果要我像家里的大人一样,那么也没什么难的。【Phil跟Luke在玩水枪】If I’m supposed to act like an adult, is that act like adults I see in the world or the adults in my family? ‘Cause if it's the ones in my family,then,how hard could that be?
        1.13不管是为自己还是为了所爱的人改变,15%,有时候这样就足够了 Whether it’s for themselves or for the people they love, yeah,15%, sometimes that’s just enough.
        1.14那会儿我只想回家,但回呀肯定要想办法道歉我说话太重伤了他们,他们原本大可以记恨我为难我,但他们没有。爱死他们了。 At that moment all I wanted was to be with my family. But of course, that meant finding a way to apologize to the people that I had belittled and rejected. They could have been petty. They really could have made me pay, but they didn’t. Never loved’em more.
        1.16每个人都有怕的东西,不是吗?怕高,怕小丑,怕窄小的空间,这些都可以克服,然后我们还有孩子。他们是否合群?是否安全?我们注定要担心一辈子。所以有时我们只能深呼吸,拥抱他们希望一切安好。。Everybody’s afraid of something, right? Heights, clowns, tight spaces. Those are things you get over. But then there’s our children. Will they fit in? Will they be safe? Those are fears you never get past. So sometimes all you can do is take a deep breath, pull’em close and hope for the best.
        1.18为什么梵高会创作《星空》那幅画呢?或许是因为天空很美丽,每个人都喜欢仰望星空,那提醒我们天空中有东西在时刻盯着我们.Why did he paint The Starry Night? Maybe because the sky is beautiful, and everybody likes looking at it, and it reminds us that something’s up there watching over all of us.

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